Don't sell your items to anyone in Nigeria (SCAMS)

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Hi there, 

i recently had a listing to sell an iphone on Ebay, the phone was bought on 'buy it now' and i received an email saying that a recorrection in price must be sent as it was to be shipped to Nigeria. THIS IS A SCAM PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR IT! ONLY SELL TO UK FOR SAFETY. So anyway, at first i thought okay, i'll wait until the money is in my account and then send it. It was only when a friend said to be careful of Nigeria i was worried. So i googled it!! As a lot of reviews in this area say it is a scam!! 

'Buyer's will open an ebay account and immediately 'buy' the item. they will have a UK address but send a request to send it to their real address. I clicked on to this and so contacted Ebay and had the buyer's account removed and the sale closed down. PLEASE DO THE SAME IF YOU ARE AT ALL SUSPICIOUS AND IGNORE ANY FURTHER CONTACT FROM THE BUYER NO MATTER HOW GENUINE THEY SEEM!! 

after removing this user from ebay i received an email from them saying that they were genuine and had sent the money to my paypal account. i then received 2 emails from a fake paypal email saying that i had pending funds, and they would be credited to my account when i send the item. AGAIN PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! PAYPAL CREDIT GOES IN NO MATTER WHAT. this was the scammer sending these!! 

I would not wish this on anyone and so that is why i am writing another review so people can see how often it happens. Please if you are thinking of selling something worthy, send only to UK buyers and check their ratings/feedback etc first. Or even better if you are selling a phone, use Mazuma mobile or Envirophone for a genuine sale with no worry, that is what i have done with mine! 

I hope this has helped prevent others being scammed. There are some awful people out there!
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