Door Gym push ups, pull ups & sit ups

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Everybody knows the best exercise you can do is the old fashioned type you know the stuff what the PE teacher made you do at school, the oldest and the most effective of the lot. We are talking push ups, sit ups and pull ups. The door gym is the piece of equipment you need to help you benefit the most from this form of exercise.

It fixes within the door frame for pull ups or can be placed on the floor to aide sit ups and push ups.

Time to Shape Up!

We all have good intentions to visit the gym, but sometimes when you get in from a hard day at work, the prospect of going out again is too much to take. The  Door Gym provides you with the ultimate in versatile strength training. Simply anchor the Door Gym to the top and bottom of any door this allows you to do a variety of exercises for arms, chest, shoulders, abs and legs.

Why go to the Gym?

You can burn fat and fight the flab fast without the need to work up a sweat in your local gym! Yes, the beauty of the  Door Gym is that you can train and work your muscles in the comfort of your own home. Just connect the Door Gym to a door, then you're ready to try out the various exercises. And when you're looking toned and lovely, why not go to the gym? But then again, why bother when you can work out without even leaving your door!

The door gym is not your average pull up bar. The door gym has central close grip handels allow you to position your hands to face each other as you pull. isolating and exercising the muscles within the middle of your back that help build size fitness and strength while conditioning the primary muscles responsible for keeping the spine erect for better all-day posture. Nothing on the market offers this variety of hand positions for a more thorough back workout that's never boring. If you think that's why the Door Gym has been called the "hottest product in years", there's much more to appreciate. You can also do deep push-ups with the Door Gym by placing it on the floor giving exercise to most area's of the body from your legs, abs shoulders and arms all in all giving you a complete fitness workout.



In addition to pull-up door exercises, the door gym is also designed for effective floor exercises, which will help you build strengh & fitness while also working on your abs to help you achieve that perfect six pack

1. Push-ups: Place the door gym up on the floor with the arch up

2. Sit-ups: Place the door gym at the base of a door opening to creat an anchor for your feet. When doing the sit-ups, the foam tips will rest against the face of the foor opening allowing for anchoring of the feet and continued repetitions. This is great for toning your abs shoulders and back.


The door gym features built-in safety locks which prevent the unit from dislodging or loosening unexpectedly. Insertthe pointed end of the safety lock behind the top of the trim of the door frame


The door gym is designed to fit almost any residentail door

inside door frame dimensions from 24" to 32" and supports 300lbs

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