Dove Hair Products

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My hair has taken some punishment over the years. I started dyeing it aged 14 with any colour and product I could get hold of as I loved experimenting.  At various times it was chilli pepper orange, pillar box red, purple, blonde and black!  I was also a bit of a Goth in my teenage years so it took quite a bashing with crimping irons and straighteners in equal measures.  Since becoming a busy mum my hair takes a bit of a back seat, although I'm kind of glad to say that the baby sick in the hair at 1am phase has safely passed x2 and my children are older now.  Time to look after my hair suffers, however, as I'm dashing between endless school runs, work, college, food shops etc etc. I'm doing quite well if my hair is quickly washed, vaguely dried and looks semi presentable.  If I have to employ my ultra high temperature hair tamers (aka GHDs) to achieve this then so be it.  I'm sure the condition of my hair suffers from the maltreatment so I was really glad when I got a BzzAgent job of testing some Dove products for free (my favourite price).  Ordinarily I get whichever hair products are on offer and buy them in bulk and it is normally supermarket own brands to be honest, or in hard times I grab whatever fruity 'no tears' shampoo my little darlings are currently using.  Now these products were a revelation.  I could not wait to try them and tentatively used a tiny bit at first of the shampoo and conditioner. Wow! My hair didn't seem to be mine any more, it was glossy and shiny and well, manageable! I tried a bit of the leave in serum in before straightening my hair and wow again! No frizzy bits upon arrival at work just sleek shiny hair.  You honestly only have to use the tiniest bit too so this will last me for ages :D Happy me!.  I would definitely buy it, recommend it to friends and am very grateful for the opportunity to test these products.
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