Dr Jart BB Cream Review - Does it Work? A List of the Best

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If the correct cream is not selected from a young age, it is much harder to have radiant skin when older because of several factors listed below: 

1. Most creams do nothing but artificially inflate your skin making it seem it has improved instantly, but long term use will only damage your skin and accelerate the aging process from a younger age (yes, even if you are in your 20s!). 

2. Most creams say they add all kinds of natural and cool looking ingredients, but the truth is, this is for sales purposes only, and the chances of those ingredients actually working long term is almost ZERO. 

So are their creams out there that are effective for all age groups, men and women, that are similar to BB creams or at least do the right things needed and make the skin brilliant?

Yes of course! 

One such cream that is known for this is called Zeavive Cream - as shown in the chart above, with studies conducted by dermatologists and top scientists from Harvard, it is rated the most effective cream in existence. 

It is not the cheapest cream there is - but it is the only cream that penetrates the cellular structure of the skin, helping detox, and sun protection in a natural way, rather than using SP ratings, it protects from the sun up to the point where it is healthy - because sunlight is important to stay healthy, the point is to balance enough sun light getting in, and not too much where it damages your skin. 

The cream is so powerful that it is used on psoriasis skin and restores it - it is ideal for dry and oily skin - as it balances, unlike other creams, which are either for oil or dry - this cream does not have that old fashioned methodology of resolving skin issues. 

If you don't have skin issues - Zeavive will actually make your skin stay younger, and at an older age, will stop wrinkle prevention. If you already have wrinkles, it is powerful enough to resolve them to, over a period of time. 

Zeavive is only available on their website, and not available in Boots or other stores. 

Dr Jart BB Cream Review

Dr Jart's BB Cream only contains ingredients that are there to artificially enhance the appearance of the skin - but the ingredients themselves are known to cause long term damage to the skin, accelerate wrinkle formation and much more (developing allergies etc). 

So it is not the best cream at all to be using, be it for older people or younger people. Unfortunately this is the problem with the other top creams from Garnier and Estee Lauder BB Cream - which only contain skin inflation ingredients which actually do nothing. 

Users reported some benefit on the first day, but 80% did not feel their skin was any better, nor did it help with blemishes and acne. 

What else can I do to improve my skin and complexion?

There are many things you can do to naturally improve your skin, and complexion. One of them is eating a healthy diet. 

The problem is, most people think they eat a healthy diet, but don't realize that what is healthy in their eyes, is not always healthy in reality. So research must be done on finding the correct eating habits for getting radiant skin - ideally drinking enough water, and having the right salt - basically, throw away your iodized salt, which is the worst thing you can have for your skin in your food or anywhere - sea salt or kosher salt is better and does not contain iodization which clumps in your body as it enters. 

Another thing you can do is apply the Zeavive cream - this will help it accelerate in renewing and protects from further damage - combining this with an exercise that makes you breathless for 20-30 minutes, which will help push blood flow to the extremities of your body - will create the best conditions for your skin to glow and always radiate youth and beauty. 

Also - last but not least - regularly washing your face with clean cold water greatly helps get the skin away from dirt - soap or anything is not needed, but sometimes it actually makes the skin worse as it strips the skin from its natural oils. So 2-3 times washing your face will greatly help too. 
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