Dr Martens - A Guide to the leather types

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If you are a lover of Dr Martens, so you will know that they use specific terminology for their leather types.  Below is a guide to the different types and some of the product they are used on:

  • KORAM FLASH [synthetic] leather
  • Is a synthetic leather with a metallic finish.
  • Colours produced have been: gold, pewter, electric blue, hot pink
  • 1461, 1460, 1B99 styles have used this leather
  • SMOOTH leather
    • Is an unblemished, corrected grain leather.
    • Used on the majority of the core range of shoes and boots: 1461, 1460, 1490, 1914, 1B60
    • Colours produced have been: black, cherry red, navy blue, dark brown, white, green
  • BUTTERO leather
    • Is a full grain premium smooth leather with a satin gloss finish
    • Colours produced have been: black, cherry red, navy blue, dark brown, white, green
  • CRAZY HORSE Leather
    • Is a waxy oily tough leather in brown
    • used on the classic 1461 and 1460 products
  • MINI TYDEE Leather
    • a smooth leather with floral pattern
    • used on 1460 boots
  • ANALINE Leather
    • smooth leather, full grain used on the 1461 brown shoe
  • TECTUFF Leather
    • is a performance, hard wearing water and soil resistant, breathable leather with a canvas appearance
    • used on new season 1460
  • WHITNEY Leather
    • Luxurious analine full grain leather with a waxy, yet super smooth feel
    • Used on the weston range, and on 1461
  • BROADWAY Leather
    • full-grain leather, with a soft, comfortable feel.
  • OVERDRIVE Leather
    • It is a natural oily leather, with a waxy finish.
    • Used in the Keagan collection
  • DALILA Leather
    • This is a fabric which incorporates a floral weave.
    • A coated leather with a shiny finish
    • Used on a wide range of styles, including: 1460, 1b99
    • This is a traditional suede, lightweight and water resistant
    • This is a traditional grain leather, with its rub-off surface polished away to reveal an undertone
    • Used on 8498, Darcie
    • A classic tartan pattern used on patent or fabric
    • Used on 1460s and Lorna boots
    • Similar to Crazy Horse leather - a waxy feel and smooth
    • Found on the Alby shoe range
  • ZENITH Leather
    • A premium, full grain leather, smooth
    • Found in the danton, darwin and 1461 ranges

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