Dr-Nookie’s Guide to Selling WELL on eBay

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Dr-Nookies Guide to Selling WELL on eBay - 6 easy steps:

As someone who is fairly new to ebay I feel that I can shed some light on how things are interpreted by the mere purchaser. It has taken me a while to understand some of the jargon and tricks that go on here!!

I am now starting to sell some of my belongings on eBay and I think there are some simple steps to follow when trying to sell an item (from someone who has bought a good few!!)

There are six easy steps to marketing your product well:

  1. Know your market - You should always research into who your target audience is as they are vital your success. For instance, if you are selling a computer console your target audience would probably be 15-35 year old males. Therefore you need to market your item towards them.
  2. Aim the product towards the market - The colour of your text and the background picture should relate to your audience. Again, with a console, the page should be in masculine colours, the text bold and straight to the point. There is no point in fancy pink writing on a lilac flowery background when all a bloke wants is to be able to read the description and certainly not if it is pink!!
  3. Describe the item accurately - List everything that you possibly can about the item. Where you bought it from, where, when, how much for, if it comes complete, what the condition is, the measurements and your overall satisfaction with it. It may also be beneficial to explain why you are selling it. Be honest, if it was a chair that was too big for your box room then say that – the last thing you want it someone to go through the same trouble you have!! Try not to use too much jargon and if you do then put in brackets what it stands for – as many new buyers are unaware of the jargon, even that introduced by ebay. BNWT – Brand New with Tags?? How was I supposed to work that one out then eh??!!
  4. Take pictures of the item - Sure, put a professional one on the gallery to attract attention (note that you must have the right to use professional photos) but state in your description that you have not taken the picture but you have included some taken by yourself of the actual product. Try and take pictures from every light and angle. If you have marks or scratches, try and take a picture of it and describe it in your text. By putting more pictures on you are giving the buyer a clearer and wider picture of what you are selling. Remember the first picture is free!! The gallery option is only something like 15p and it is so worth it. When someone is scrolling through a whole load of similar items, the one which will catch there eye is the one will a really good photo and they will be more tempted to pay a higher price for an item which they can clearly see.
  5. Always answer questions from buyers - They are how you will make your money and they only really ask if they are interested in a purchase. Be as helpful as you can even if they are mundane and repeated questions. By providing more information you are giving them a bigger picture of what they are purchasing. When you have sold your item, its best to email your buyer to confirm details e.g. address, how they will pay etc. It is also good customer service if you keep in contact, to email when the payment has cleared and when you will be posting the item. It gives the buyer a greater sense of well being and satisfaction to know that you are a honest seller. It may make the difference as a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. They will probably return!! £££££ Cha ching.
  6. Finally, feedback is key to your success - The more positive feedback you receive the better. It portrays you as an honest and decent seller which is what we are all looking for in a transaction. Who would you rather buy a item from – someone with 100% positive feedback or someone with 50% positive feedback??? You decide…………


Hope this helps. I find it best to market your item to yourself. Pretend you are the type of person who would want it. What would you like to see and hear????


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