Dress Shirt Collars and Cuffs

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Our "Casa DiModa Italiano Menswear" expert explains all there is to know about types of dress shirts collars and different types of cuffs

Button down collar

The button down collar, originating in the US,  is basically a long, wide turn down collar with buttons at the collar tips, which give your dress shirt a less formal look. The button down collar is also known as the "Roll collar" and the "soft-roll collar."

Point collar

This is the most common dress shirt collar today.  Sometimes it is also referred to as "straight-point collar". This turndown collar consists essentially of a wide neck and relatively long points that extend downward to form a triangular opening at the neck, making room for showcasing the knot of your necktie. If you have a short neck, use a shorter collar to make your neck appear longer, and longer collars if you have a long neck.

Pin collar

This type of collar is more popular in the US than in Europe. It features a pin that holds the collar points close to the knot of the necktie. This is an elegant, which lifts the tie knot nicely.

Cutaway collar

This type of collar has the points pushed as far apart as possible, thus leaving a wide gap at the neck of the shirt, ideal for wide necktie knots. This type of collar is also called the "wide spread collar," and is considered more elegant than the turndown collar.

Tab collar

The tab collar is popular mainly in the US. It has a button or a snap that extends from the collar's  two wings. The tab collar lifts the tie knot nicely.

Wing Collar

The tips of this collar are folded down into small triangles at the center of the collar, thus making the shirt ideal for wearing a bow tie. This type of collar should only be worn with a tuxedo. This collar is also called the "wing-tip collar,"

Detachable collar

Detachable collars can be attached to and removed from collarless dress shirts. This is a very old-fashioned type of collar that is virtually nonexistent today. 

Cuffs: Barrel & French

Barrel cuffs, also called button cuffs, close with a button. French cuffs are longer, fold up, and require cufflinks instead of a button. Dress shirts with both type of cuffs are considered professional attire, but a French cuff dress shirt  will be more elegant.


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