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I brought a wedding dress ( alfred angelo) back in may this year, after 9 weeks i emailed the seller asking where my dress was & when would it be delivered, it took 3 emails before they answered saying there is a delay of about 4 weeks but it will be with me. I replyed by asking if its a 4 week delay & my dress is already 2 weeks over the said delivery time will i reseave it in 2 weeks, there was no reply. I keept on emailing & evnturly they replyed saying it had to be altered, when i asked why ? as it was a made to measeure dress they then replyed not altered like that but the beads needed to be sawn on so they are not so loose. I eventurly got my dress 11 & a half weeks later ( 4 1/2 weeks over the said time) I asked for a refund but she said it had been posted that day, when i reseaved it, it was the wrong colour ( clarit not burnt orange) it was a simular style but not the one she showed me on a email, i have sent meany emails asking for a refund with hardly any reply, just her saying it is the wright colour. This seller is very crafty by sending dresses out with out a return address, as it was delivered after the paypal return date they have said they cannot help but if i wanted to take the matter thoughter then they will happly back me up. I have taken this matter to Trading Standers & they are pusueing this case, i have told the seller i will take no thoughter action against her if she gave me a refund but have not hurd anything from her.  People like this shoul not be able to get away with making what should be a special day into a day of sadness. I left a truthfull feedback for her & all i got was a nasty one, I am not the only person who has had trouble with this seller.  


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