Driving lessons on Ebay- be carefull!

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For christmas 2006, I really wanted to buy my partner driving lessons but they are so expensive. When I came across driving lessons on Ebay for a cheaper price tag, I couldn't believe my luck. The lessons were from the AA, and were in block of hours. I was abit unsure about bidding but the sellers 100% feedback gave me the confidence to bid. He claimed to work for the AA and recieved massive discounts for buying block bookings. He provided a refrence number so you could check your lessons existed and you recieved a welcome pack from the AA. I went ahead and bidded, after bidding over £350 I won. I spoke to the seller on the phone and he seemed friendly and genuine. He said he didnt have a paypal account and I was to pay the money into his bank account at Natwest. This striked me as a bit odd but he said it was for work resons. If i didnt pay he would leave me negative feedback. So I paid the money into his account. A couple of weeks passed and no welcome pack arrived. I started to worry but yet again the seller reasured me my lessons were still vaid. A couple of days passed when we recieved a letter from the AA, they had found out about the man selling lessons on E-bay and it was being investigated by the fraud squad, all lessons bought with the same credit card were cancelled. By this time, rumours were flying round E-bay. All the people who had bought from this man had lost there lessons and a lot of money. So i wasn't on my own, I feelt cheated and stupid for paying the money into his accont. He carried on to sell lessons on E-bay and I e-mailed the people bidding and urged them not to bid or part with there money. Afterward the sellers account was removed and his mobile was didconected. He was gone along with all the money he took. I did report to it the police station and E-bay but never heard anything back. When buying driving lessons, be carefull. There are alot of genuine sellers out there but also con artist... as I found out

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