DuWop Lip Venom

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To anyone who is considering buying any of the DuWop Lip Venom glosses please continue to read.

I went off on a fantastic well deserved holiday to La Manga in Spain where the temperatures were soaring into the mid 90's. As we all do, I prepared well in advanced for my holiday thinking about taking travel size skincare and bodycare products so that I may not go over my allowed limit with baggage. I also opted for easy wearing cosmetics and as I sold DuWop Lip Venoms in my store I thought I'd give the mini trios a test drive. Boy oh boy, were they the best choice I made as the temperature was certainly set to dry out my lips.

The trios come in a cute little round container which is easy to store and includes the original lip venom, the lip venom gold flash and lip venom silver flash. Although all three are clear glosses, the gold flash has a hint of gold sparkle and the silver flash has a hint of silver sparkle but only very subtle and probably was more noticeable in the evening.

The gloss kept my lips well moisturised and certainly gave them a pout. Some ladies may say that the gloss does not work for them in respect of the plumping ingredients but actually, the more I used it, the more my lips seem to look fuller and plumper and this without any sting or bad taste, in fact, I loved the taste and smell of the gloss so much that I never wore anything else for the entire duration of my holiday.

The trios are only tiny little glosses coming in at 1.5ml each but lasts and lasts forever, hard to believe with such small sizes, but true. The best thing of all was the fact that I was able to take the gloss onto the plane, there and back as it was less than 100mls in size, and I got to moisturise my lips all through the journey to Spain and home again.

So, I know it costs a bit, but it lasts and awful long time bearing in mind you have 3 little containers to use and your lips are certainly well worth it.

My personal ratings for this product:

Cost - 3 out of 5, simply because,  I would want more and more

Plumping - 4 out of  5, gave me a definate, noticeable plump with continuous use

Moisturising - 5 out of 5, probably the best moisturisation for my lips ever

Great Buy!!! and thank you DuWop


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