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Dualit brand is soo expensive but a definite statement for the home. I started my collection when I got fed up with replacing toasters. Now I have the 4 slice toaster, hand blender, hand mixer, filter coffee machine, jug kettle and the kitchen scales.

Toaster: I have a 4 slice toaster which I am trilled with. I can select 1,2 or 4 slices to be toaster at one time. There are reports of problems with failing timers on the internet. They are noisy and mechanical sounding rather than hitech which you might expect for the price. The toaster does not automatically pop up so stays warm but gets dry. It reminds me of a very old Mercedes car before all the electrics. Solid and reliable but rather old fashioned but many people think that is the charm of it. I am hoping mine lasts for ever to jusify the cost.

The hand mixer is great for the attachements. The easy eject button almosts throws out the attachements which means if you are not careful the batter or mix shots out over the kitchen. The is some variation in the blenders. Some plugs fit into the body of the mixer so do not, mine does and I thinks it a really good neat feature. The stow away cord is also great, the bottom of the base turn to pull it inside. It is noisy promting my family to ask if all their products are noisy. I would tend to agree but it is a robust strong sound you hear which is somewhat reassuring they it will last. The attachements are replacable from Dualit direct which is great if you loose or break one of them.

The hand blender is quite versitile with the attachements but if you do not have dough hooks which is why I wanted the mixer too. The other bits include the wisk which you get with the mixer, then there is the little blender which is a bit small for anything but doing the baby food but a useful attachement. I use a blender more than anything in the kitchen for sauces especially so I hope it gives me years of service like the toaster.

The filter coffee machine was bought just to match the toaster and does not seem to be available new any where now. The only concern I have is it produces so much steam from behind that you should place it away from under a kitchen unit or it will drip with condensation. It cost a lot more than the plastic looking machines on the market and does not have a stay warm control they do but it does look great!

The Jug kettle is a little on the small side for large quantities of water at 1.7L. The other dome kettle is 2L. The jug kettle more than any other product in the range seems to have attracted complaints. The plastic view windows do crack it seems and then water will drip out/leak. As it is a metal kettle, the outside of the kettle does get hotter than an equivalent plastic kettle. This is not in any way a problem for adults, but you may want to bear it in mind if you have younger children. Mine is fine so far but I don't think it is better than any other kettle on the market really. The older version has a lid that pulls off and quantities in litres down the sides of the plastic view windows. The newer versions have the number of cups that level of water will do for and the lid is hindged on the side of the kettle so you won't put it down and loose it.

The kitchen scales are old fashioned and large with the bowl but I don't have to worry about the battery and I can use it for things up to 4kg. It is expensive and too be honest I would not have bought it unless it was Dualit. I find it useful for weighting items I am selling on ebay to find the cost for postage as well as for cooking.

It is nice to be able to buy something iconic and British if you have the spare, used are often almost as exspensive and ebay is not always cheapest. Search for the best prices and see if you can find discount vouchers too.



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