Dunster House Customer Service

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I ordered an Avon 300 4m x 3m Sunlight log cabin from Dunster House in August 2010. Their website extolled the virtue of the low height so that planning permission was not required. WRONG!!  I had laid the concrete base when I was told that since it was in front of the major elevation of the house, PLANNING PERMISSION WAS REQUIRED.  PP delayed installation until November, and kit arrived first day of snow.  Installation proceeded very slowly in sub zero conditions.  Workers were lazy and spent much time on their mobile phones.  Work was shoddy with excuses like "We have lost the tool to do that job - can you do it later?"  The main front doors were badly skewed, so I found the 2 different sized allen keys to do the adjustments in plastic packages lying about in the debris on the floor, and did it myself.  When the job was finished (as far as they were concerned), they handed over one allen key, but when asked for the other they said this was not provided by DH  (Note.  It was provided as part of the kit for the doors).  The gutters were pushed into line with wooden wedges that were not fixed.  They fell out in the recent wind. Tons more but I won't bore you any more.

My main gripe is the appalling Customer Service provided by DH.  They will not accept responsibility for the way the roof shingles flapped about with some bending double in the wind last weekend.  They do NOT follow the fixing instructions provide by IKO, the shingle makers, but have written their own sub-set which ignores the use of extra adhesive when installed in cold weather in windy areas.    They say they have tested their system and found it to be satisfactory.  They will not come and apply extra adhesive, as called for by the IKO instructions.  All they have offered is a free pack of nails for me to fix the problem.  Nailing through the open surface of the roof shingles?  They must be as incompetent as it's possible to be.

Customer Service?  Don't expect any because you won't get it ........ except to use their T & C to deny any legitimate claim or ensuing problem after you have signed the Completion Certificate.

Recommendation?  1 out of 10.  Never again.  My previous log cabin was marvelous without any problems whatsoever ...... unfortunately, the supplier went out of business, or I would have never gone to DH.  To me they got my money then didn't give a damn.

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