Dunster House Log Cabin Complaints

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Bought a log cabin cost £11000. Was told I could have exactly what I wanted where I wanted it at pre sale stage. Come the installation, the windows were put in wrong and the skylights were not put in the right places. After repeatedly phoning and emailing with detailed complaints accompanied by photo evidence, their customer service finally responded via email saying "send us your written evidence that we have mis sold and we will investigate further". Of course they knew that I could not do that as they do not put ANYTHING in writing. They will ONLY answer your queries verbally thereby avoiding the "written evidence". I have never dealt with a company with such disgraceful customer service and their attitude is "could nt care less". The sales staff do not get paid commission and so have no concerns over mis selling as their is no comeback on them financially. I have given up wasting my time trying to get the faults rectified as they have made it perfectly clear that they have no intentions of doing anything. I can only advise that you dont touch them with a bargepole!

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