Dunster House UPVC windows and doors

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You get what you pay for, they may be reasonable priced but the quality is awful. The windows are not reinforced and the handles are very cheap, when locking the window handle after installation the handle lock cylinder fell out. I am now looking at having to buy new handles on all the windows to make sure they are better quality.
The locks on the doors are again cheap. they keys just look substandard, nothing is finished to a high standard.
The glass bead which holds the panes in is far too tight, and puts additional pressure on the sealed units.
The sealed units have duct tape around the edges, this covers the sharp edges, but also covers the chips on the edges too. When installed a sealed unit cracked as a chip on the edge of the glass expanded into a crack. Dunster house refuse to replace the unit and blamed me for not storing them properly before installation and also that the window fitter must have fitted it incorrectly. They had infact been stored on a carpeted floor for a couple of days before having them installed.
Poor quality, poor customer service, wont use again!
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