Dunster House Yankee Workshed

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Everything went as I was told it would. Lots of communication as to delivery and it all went smoothly. You do have to help the driver unload, but if youre in reasonable shape its not an issue. If youre not in top form then you'll need to get an extra pair of hands there to help. The delivery guy is on his own and you just cant lift panels that big on your own. They're not heavy - just big.

Chose to erect it myself and it wasnt a drama to do. You will need an extra pair of hands though - you just cant lift, hold and screw things that big on your own.

Lots of humming and haaing and lets sit down and have a brew while we think about it - but once you got your head round the instructions it was all fairly simple. Took 2 and a half days from flash to bang without pushing hard at all in early december - so the days were short and the weather on one day was a monsoon.

You need just basic tools, large spirit level drill driver saw etc and basic DIY skills. If you can put a shelf up straight and not have it fall off the wall you should be fine.

Chose to have it untreated and painted it myself - again simple to do if a bit mind numbing. I used those cuprinol wood stain/paint ranges and it looks superb :-)

Kitted it out with satellite tv, work benches, vices etc microwave, fridge kettle. Trust me, when the other half is on the war path, the kids are screaming and wrecking everything you'd pay double this price and still think it cheap !

Had so much fun doing it persuaded my mate to come here - he bought a log cabin and I just finished putting that up with him. He's never done any DIY and it still went up a doddle. The log cabins are different construction to the barn, but if anything it was easier. He ended up with personal satisfaction he'd never had before.

Whole process very cool - cant say a bad word about anything.

Hope that helps

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