Duro Diamond Blades

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UK Diamond Blades

Duro are a UK based company who focus on a range of power tools and accessories, however they specialise in Diamond Blades. Duro’s Diamond Blade range is split up into four performance based rankings.

UK Diamond Blades are one of the stockist of Duro Blades, use there blade finder tool to find your perfect power tool blade!


The four rankings are as follows:

Duro Ultra
Duro Plus
Duro Standard
Duro Base

Duro Ultra takes top spot and features the best of the best Diamond Blades. Duro Ultra fully concentrates on maximum performance throughout the manufacturing process, which means the end result is an incredibly high performing blade. Duro Ultra are the most efficient blades as they feature only the highest quality materials. If you’re looking for the highest quality Diamond Blade, then look no further.

Duro Ultra blades include: DUA/C, DUA/C Silent, DUSCM, DUCM-Silent and the DUM+S

Duro Plus only just falls short behind the Duro Ultra. Duro Plus offers an extremely professional build quality along with competitive pricing. All Duro Plus blades offer immense quality, performance as well as value. They are incredibly efficient and will certainly please any user.

Duro Plus blades include: DPA/C, DPU/C, DPCM SHARK, DPCM-T, DPH and DPA

Following shortly behind the Duro Plus range is the Duro Standard. Duro Standard has an enormous range of Diamond Blades to choose from which offers a variety of options for tool and material. With performance levels, high above industry standard, you can’t go wrong with a Duro Standard Diamond Blade.

Duro Standard blades include: DA/C, DU/C, DCM, DCM-T and DA

Duro Base is the entry level Diamond Blade range than Duro have to offer. The Performance to Price comparison offers an incredible value as the Duro Base blades feature high efficiency perfect for everyday use.

Duro Base blades include: DSBM

Dust Suppression Water Tank

We don’t just sell Duro Diamond Blades. We also sell Duro’s Dust Suppression water tank. A water tank is a necessity when using a Diamond Blade. Dust is inevitable when cutting almost any material with a Diamond Blade, and the easiest solution to reduce the amount of dust created it through a Dust Suppression Water Tank.

Duro’s DP-DST-13L Water Tank comes complete with a 4 metre length external hose, which allows for manoeuvrability when using the water tank and it won’t get in the way. The tank also comes with an internal water feed and pressure relief valve, which can all be purchased as separate parts.

The Duro DP-DST-13L features an incredibly sturdy and comfortable handle which creates excess comfort when moving the tank.
The tank can easily be filled as a result of the wide funnel.
The tank features an automatic pressure release valve, which means the tank won’t leak.
The tank comes with a water-resistant label on the exterior of the tank. This contains advice and warnings.

The Do-It-All Versatile Blade

The Duro DUA/C Ultra is a blade designed to practically do anything. (Please see full specification on the listing page – Link below)

The DUA/C, aka the Do-It-All Versatile Blade is the master of all blades. With uncountable features, the blade will tackle almost any job you throw at it.

Spaced Diamond Technology

The spaced diamond technology allows you to cut faster, for longer resulting in a more efficient job. The layout of the Diamonds in this blade are spread out perfectly to allow them to stay cool, which reduced the frequency of overheating. All diamonds are fully utilised throughout usage with this blade as a result of the diamond technology applied to the blade.

Shot Blasted Core

This provides additional protection against wear when used on abrasive materials. The core is key to allowing this tool to cut such a wide variety of materials. Materials this blade can cut range from the hardest stone all the way to incredibly abrasive materials.

Laser Welded Segment

The laser welded segments allow the blade to be used for a longer period of time and ensure a safer cut for the user.

Deep Draft Segments

This provides undercut protection when cutting abrasives. It enables the life span of the blade and reduces the amount of segment loss

Directional Cooling Holes

The cooling holes on this blade are key to keeping the blade cool throughout use. This increases the amount of time you can use the tool in one given time period. It also allows you to cut at a faster RPM.

Keyhole Gullets

The design of the gullets between each segment allow for a significantly smoother cut than a regular diamond blade. The Keyhole design greatly reduces the amount of chipping of both material and blade. It reduces the amount of vibration created, which makes it more comfortable and easy to use.

13mm Conical Segment Height

The height of the segment results in an extended life span, and also enables you to cut for longer in one given time period.

Quality Bond & Diamond

This blade uses the highest quality diamonds and features an incredible bond system. This allows an increased cutting speed, longer life and the opportunity to cut an extremely large range of materials.

What materials can the DUA/C cut?

The DUA/C will cut almost any material used for construction.

 A full list of recommended materials to cut using this blade is:

Steel Bars, Pipes & Sections | SG & Grey Iron | Indian Stone | Granite | Slate | Class A and class B Engineering Bricks | Clay Paviors | Pipes and Tiles | Flint Aggregate Product | All Levels Of Reinforced Concrete | Concrete | Hard York Stone | Quartzite | London Brick | Hard Concrete Products | Kerbs, Lintels & Beams | Cast Pipes | Bricks and concrete Flags | Hand Made Bricks | Facing Bricks | Concrete Roof Tiles | Soft Concrete Paviors | Sand Based Paviors | Green Concrete | Cement Screed | Lightweight Concrete Block | Hot Rolled Asphalt | Abrasive Sand and Gritstone | Asphalt over Concrete | Asphalt

This blade is available in sizes: 300mmm | 350mm | 400mm | 450mm | 600mm
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