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The DC07 comments at  Why does my Dyson DC07 overheat and cut out?  by  gordons132  as really helpful in diagnosing a blocked filter on a refurbished device, thanks to  gordons132   I'd like to add a couple of other notes to help the intrepid screwdriver-weilding enthusiast./p Dyson upright engineering is clever, but nowhere as refined as in their drag-along machines.  There is a lot of tolerance in the machine's suction pipes, perhaps due to it needing to be a master of two trades, perhaps due to something else I haven't yet spotted - I've so-far stripped one of each configuration./pThe upright gets into one hell of a mess in the dust collection section.  Drop the dust release flap by operating the trigger and balance the assembly on the corner of your tool box.  Undo the three black Torx screws on the top around the dust release trigger, and gently lever the top off.  This will disengage a D-sectioned black plastic rod that travels the length of the assembly.  You'll be able to see the discharge holes on the tops of the cyclone generators and down into the collection system.  To remove any and all blockages, take the assembly into the shower and, with it set to jet, hose all the dust out from the top, the bottom, and through the inlet and outlet holes on the side.  It's a very good idea to put a towel down on her carpet in front of the shower as, withe door open to allow you to do your thing, the mess goes everywhere - and there is a surprising amount of it!/p. Dry it best you can by shaking and inverting and reassemble screwing the release trigger housing back onto the top and then, with care, ensure that you realign the D-sectioned black rod into the dust release locking mechanism in the base of the assembly.  Before you refit it to the upright, use a large bladed screwdriver to disengage the locking tabs holding the filter cover, remove and examine.  Mine was a mess and filthy and the cause of the thermal tripping out, so I carefully stripped off the bulk of the filter medium and refitted it as a temporary measure until the replacement arrives.

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