Like if this guide is helpful

time and time again these are becoming problems for some ebayers

my advice

AS A SELLER ......

communicate well with buyers regarding e-cheques

state clearly and bold on listing if you do or dont except them

if you dont except them but get paid by one then cancel it and contact the buyer

suggest holding the item for a few days if your in the position to be able to  until they can come up with an alternative payment method


AS A BUYER .....

check listing to see if they are accepted by the seller

dont pay until given the all clear by the seller its ok to pay with this method

dont just pay using them thinking it will be ok when it states in the auction you cant pay with them as alot of sellers dont except them so this can cause problems for both parties

if it is not stated on the item by the seller that they do not except them then they have a game on there hands to resolve the matter!


i personally dont mind them as it just lies dorment in paypal account until cleared however alot people on ebay have a different opinion because they take so long to clear


hope this guide is of help to you!


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