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Purchased a couple of different types of these in past few months and they do work though some better than others e.g mini e-cig we bought is very hard to seperate area where new filter goes,so easily broken etc.

The most common fault on these cigs are the atomisers as they dont last long(these work by battery power/heat in the chamber which imitates the smoke) Also dont expect lots of smoke like you see in these videos etc with every drag because its intermittent how much smoke you will get.

They still work out cheaper than real cigs but each filter  DOES NOT LAST AS LONG AS A PACK OF 20 CIGS as stated in ads!

e,g mini e-cig approx 15 real cigs                   Newest super e-cig 10 real cigs per filter!!

They are a great way of stopping smoking cigs but as hard to give up with due to the habit of putting cig to mouth and smoke coming out etc hence why i just "cold turkeyed" it but my partner is better off using these than real thing as way less harmfull,so good and bad idea maybe?

No matter what model you buy etc just be prepared to order extra atomisers and batteries because you DO NOT get 24hrs worth of battery power more like 6 hrs if your an average 20 - 30 a day smoker.

Hope this guide is useful..........

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