E-bay Auctions vs 'Buy it Now'

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Sure i'm not telling anyone who uses E-Bay anything they don't already know - but i find this is a great way to get the item you want at the best price - basically what i do is...  and bear in mind at this point it is vitally important that you know what it is that you are looking for  - and are not just surfing..  but type in your item - and then change the guide to lowest price (item & postage) and then 'watch' a couple of these items in your My Bay - then look at the lowest price as a 'Buy It Now' - then basically bid the amount that you are willing to pay on the auction item - 9 out of 10 times, if it's a quality item..someone will bid on it too - so i only put in a total amount that is less that lowest 'Buy it Now' item..

E.G. - i recently purchased a copy of the classic movie 'The Black Hole' on dvd - if i wanted to purchase it 'buy it now' it would have cost me £6.99 - so i watched a couple of auctioned items - and bid on it, so if i won it, it would cost me less than £6.99 - if the other person bidding against me, took the price up to more than £7.00 - it would have made more sense to just let this item go and bought the  'buy it now' copy - luckily the auction item stayed below £6.99 and i won it for least amount i could pay..but doing it this way, i always guarentee myself that one way or the other i get the thing i want..;-)-- 

   like i said, i'm sure i'm teaching grandma how to suck eggs  - but this method works for me...

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