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We have sold and bought items on e bay for some time now and it was a good thing when it started
But like most people who have sold items the one thing that's most frustrating  is the GPO , they jumped on the band wagon and increased there prices to an extent when buying sellers have to normally undervalue items to create interest
E Bay costs plus postage plus pay pal plus packing now add up to standard auction prices after sellers premium is deducted
You may have less people at an auction but they are not paying postage plus charges to E Bay pay pal listing
e bay postage percentage charges and the like 
If the item being sold is under ten pound and worth less than twenty  
you will get more at a general auction 
We have had a couple of not received items through e bay ie: jewellery 
A classic 3 weeks after postage you receive an e mail
Yet when you point out it was a signed for package it always seems to be a shared flat
or in our past a European destination !
NOW the most important thing to sellers is a quick e mail saying received and the feedback has become relative 



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