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A short while ago I won an item form a seller "Eddy999111" I paid for the item via a chq , I waited for my item to arrive and when it didnt I asked for my money back the seller said he hadn't had my chq, which is why I didn't get my Item, I rang the bank who confirmed that the chq had been cashed into his bank, I then opened a dispute with Ebay which was a complete waste of time, I  sent copies of the chq to Ebay in Ireland, as they requested it, which added more costs to me, as I sent it recorded, this made no difference to Ebay at all, so I don't know why they asked for the information in the first place, I contacted Ebay about 20 times concerning this matter, and all I got was a so called personal response which was obviously computer generated. It would seem to me that Ebay are only interested in the sellers as this is where most of their income comes from, I am not the first person to have had problems with this seller and they know that, since then I have had to take this seller to the county courts, which has cost me even more money, but all of this could have been sorted out by Ebay , but the only answer I ever got from them was Ebay do not get involved with these matters as Ebay is only a platform between buyers and sellers, but they soon got involved when I put my email address in the feed back that I left him, so if it is a platform between buyers and sellers why remove my email address it this not protecting the thief that stole my money which Ebay had been given undisputable proof of, It would help a great deal if ebay had a customer hot line, but then I guess it would have to be manned 25???? Hours a day. I would warn all other buyers OPEN A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IT IS SAFER, I have, but then paypal is an Ebay company so what saftey do they offer????????


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