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I am writing this guide to tell people about the Ebay Final Value Fees.  Although some people may already know all about it, it occurred to me that some people do not.

Anyway, as a seller sometimes you complete a sale but for some reason or the other the buyer sends the item back or it breaks while you're packing it ready for shipping, etc.  Whatever the reason, you have completed an Ebay sale but have had to refund the buyer, or the buyer simply does not pay you and then you have to relist etc.

Well, while this is all happening Ebay has already charged you the Final Value Fees ( FVF) and have gone about their business.  So, you find yourself a little out of pocket after paying the Insertion Fees as well as the Final Value Fee.  Well, you can claim your Final Value Fees from Ebay by opening up a dispute.  If everything has been settled amicably with your buyer, you still have to open a dispute, but let your buyer know that you are only opening up the dispute so that you can claim your Final Value Fees back from Ebay.  In order for Ebay to refund your Final Value Fees, you and your buyer will have to choose the option " Mutually agree not to complete the sale".  Once your buyer completes this dispute, you will receive your Final Value Fees and you will see a green tick which means it has been been granted in your dispute console in your Ebay user area.

NB: A little word of warning, there will be a link next to your transaction asking if you and your buyer have managed to resolve the issues of payment and your dispute console will look like the following (see below).  DO NOT CLICK THE LINK UNLESS YOU HAVE MANAGED TO COMPLETE YOUR TRANSACTION. 
If your transaction has not been completed and you click this link, Ebay will charge you the Final Value Fee and you will find it impossible to contact anyone in order to get your money from Ebay!!!

SOME ITEMS I SOLD ON EBAY (#000000000000) sold to SOME EBAYER on DAY-MONTH-YEAR .   

Dispute status:
Closed: FVF Granted    

If you and the buyer were able to complete the transaction, please reverse your Final Value Fee Credit now .

Well, hopefully this guide will help a few more people from losing money unnecessarily.

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