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Ok your kitting out your refurbed kitchen. WOW! new built in cooker for almost half SRP!


Oh its graded, that means its dented, right?


After speaking to several leading manufacturers I have managed to find out the truth about graded. Something that seems to be regularly omitted from ebay listings!!!

Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, and Cannon, under the "Indesit company" umbrella have Grade R and Grade M appliances. R-Graded are: damaged side or rear, ex-demo (under sale & return),  rejected delivery due to damaged packaging, or post install failure & return within 28 days of purchase

Graded M from the Indesit companies is failure after 28 days up to 3 months from date of purchase, with possible frontal damage.

Both the Beko (who own leisure, flavel and rangemaster amongst others), and the Glen Dimplex Home Appliance groups, (which owns Stoves, Belling, New World, and LEC) operate just one level of grading which combines both of indesit companies R & M level of grading.

Oddly enough the term A-grade and B-grade are now no longer used by manufactureres to describe home appliances!

Basically this article is here really just to warn you to make sure before you click "bid now" that you know exactly what your buying!  When doign my kitchen I realised and discovered very quickly that there are a number of sellers on here passing off graded products as "cosmetically damaged but new".  Manufacturers tell me they do not keep records of what the actual status of a graded product was so if they have no record then there is no way an ebay seller can tell you whether a graded product has been used (in other words not new!) & refurbished, or just damaged packaging - largely because a failure under warranty is not treated with care on its route back to the manufactureres graded department, often incurring knocks and dents en route!  

What im tryign to do is allow you to basically judge the honesty of the seller, if they tell you a graded appliance is "new" then they are making a false statement which is also breaking the law (sale of goods act), and ebay rules about the description of the product, and generally unethical too, but thats why its cheap!

Dont get me wrong there are plenty of graded bargains out there but in my experience i would always insist on inspecting a graded appliance prior to ordering it!






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