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This is just a short review to say how unfair ebay is! I have been selling on ebay for years, who knows how much money I have made for ebay but I am sure it is well within the thousands by now! The worst thing is, let alone ridiculously high fees, is pathetic buyers!
This one for instance, 9150simon ... Bought a bundle of SECOND HAND CLOTHES a little more than a month ago, but this morning I get my very first nasty feedback saying 'SOME DAMAGED/DIRTY ITEMS ARE UNSALEABLE BUT GOOD TO DEAL WITH'
Now since the buyer did not bother to contact me on receipt of the items which were sent out the following day, (also just thought I would mention none of the items were damaged nor dirty!) He couldn't have been all that unhappy with the items and all the FREE stuff I put in there too, as I am sure you would contact the seller if this was the case!?!?! But hey ho, a month and a bit later, I get horrible feedback, which if he had contacted me, I could have put right! I personally think this 9150simon is battling to sell his items as they are probably 2nd, 3rd, 4th hand clothing and now is taking it out on the sellers he has purchased from. All the items I sent him were second hand which I did state in the listing and most were amazing designer items, and I was even so GUTTED on the selling price but never the less, packed them all up and sent! 9150simon sells items on, but SECOND HAND ITEMS are NOT NEW! Just wanted all buyers to be aware of this very unfair seller who actually could be selling them clothing which has been worn by ten different people, but who would know! The items I sold were in great condition which was a real bargain, I bet he made a nice little fortune on all the Bench designer gear and the rest of the items, but the cheek of it, still has the black heart to leave nasty feedback! Myself as a seller I know how important feedback is so I would not in my right mind sell something that I thought was damaged/dirty. 9150simon has now messed up my feedback and ebay have decided to put me on a lower seller ranking... all thanks to 9150simon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice one mate!
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