EBAY MEMBERS:To work out what is a phishing email is...

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to work out what a phishing email :an email that tries to get your username and password off you..is quite simple really

the emails really do look like they have come from Ebay

they have the recognised Ebay email addresses and are usually branded as Ebay.

In each of the fake emails that you get,there will be a LINK/BUTTON or IMAGE

that you have to click on to take up the offer in question

For example this could be :

upgrading you to a power seller or higher

requesting you fill out a questionnaire

answering a tactful question.....

When and if you click on the image/page/link whatever,it will send you to what looks like an Ebay login page....However,unless the domain is ebay.com or ebay.co.uk DO NOT ENTER YOUR DETAILS

The safest thing to do is shut down your browser and launch it again,going to the correct ebay page manually.

It is also worth contacting ebay and giving them the link-let them investigate it for you.

It is advisable to download the ebay toolbar,as this has account guard which will alert you to such scams...

hope this has been helpful



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