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I would just like to say that if you are selling a Mobile phone on ebay, im sure your all aware of the scams that are going on.

It would be most helpfull if the people that are selling the phones could cancel the bids they have on thier item that are made by the scammers, so that others can bid and have a chance of winning.

Generally they are easy to spot as they usually have 0 or 1 feedback and are new to ebay. the usually have a very high maximum bid, so that when others bid they dont stand a chance of it beating thiers. Generally i always ask for people to email me before bidding if they have less than 5 feedback score, then i look out for how well they speak english, and what sorts of offers they are trying to make to determine if they are genuine.

Also i have learnt to make sure that you request immediate payment if you are listing a buy it now option, otherwise scammers will use it, and this wastes your time and listing fee.

Something really does need to be done about this situation - Im sure if Ebay thought about it, then this could be prevented.

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