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Does enyone trust ebay&paypal these days? I certainly don`t.Every day I read all these guides about paypal stole my money , item not received , seller cashed my cheque and vanished etc ...

Ebay used to be a peacefull place where sellers / buyers could feel safe and protected and rarely anything went  wrong back then

But NOW ? Does anyway cares about fair trade ? Does anyone tries to be polite /patient /understanding ? NO ! Everyone prefer to be rude/nasty/abusive etc WHY ? What happened to good old ebay , what went wrong ?

I don `t know but I feel disguast with all this scams and thiefts these days , we all experience this behaviour on the streets , in the shops, at work so WHY have the same b****shit on-line ?

Ok so they is  STILL good bunch of honest buyers /sellers with no bad intencion whatsoever but rising amount of thiefs and scammers each day is terrifaing !

I won`t be using ebay much these days I so much prefer to get down to my local market to get all I need even if it means paying a little bit more ...

I`m saving myself lots of headings afterall

Thank you

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