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Got a complaint? there is a help section on every page says eBay. Yes there is and its positively designed to help eBay avoid you using it. You have to select a one line sentence to describe your complaint, but they are not realistic to the complaints most people have. You get about six variations of "what abusive sign", or "what illegal or offensive regime did it mention" but never a chance to tell what "you" want to say. Then finally you get it all down press "send" and guess what ? yes up pops the "required fields" you have not filled in and when you try,  it stops you YES IT DOES eBay stop going into denial, its not user error all the time unless all idiots use eBay and all the clever folk run it. Lets be benevolent and say we finally get it to "send", and you think I might go to the pub and celebrate. "Go to the pub" brother you could go to the brewery and design your own tipple as by the time they answer you most people have either died or forgotten the reason they complained in the first place, and eBay loves you for it. Like all monopolies they don't give a dam, if you don't like it go somewhere else!!!! Thing is, opposition is coming, I am not a gambler, but I bet we see a change then.
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