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Emma Bridgewater produced a number of limited pieces in some of their popular lithograph designs especially for a pre-sale launch open to members of the collectors club over the period of a weekend just before Christmas 2008.  Serving bowls, large and medium mixing bowls, butter dishes and meat platters not normally available in the standard range were made in the "Birds", "Tulips" and "Kitchen Garden" patterns.  These were first quality and, initially, there were only around 2 made for each of the 5 stores.  A few "Tulips" clocks were made too and Kitchen Garden salad bowls.

I'm not sure that the pasta bowls, 1.5 pint jugs or cake comports were part of these original limited editions, but those pieces mentioned above proved to be so popular that some were repeated especially for the January 2009 sale - only these were not checked by quality control at the factory and many will have had minor faults - particularly with the glazing.

I have been told by a senior member of staff that there were between 150-200 "Birds" pasta bowls made.  There were also eventually around 40 "Birds" butter dishes made, and each store had a small number of the comports/cakestands, 1.5 pint jugs and mixing bowls in the design.  I would not be at all surprised if the "Birds" butter dishes became part of the standard range as these were very successful.  There were a lot of problems with using and adapting the bird transfer sheet on the pasta bowls and many of these had quite a unique appearance!

The Tulip and Kitchen Garden pieces had even fewer special items (dinner plates, pasta bowls etc) made and there was a very, very small run of the half pint Teal and Starling (Fulham only had around 4!) mugs and a larger re-run of the Wrens.

Bridgewater also re-ran a number of the old favorite spongware designs and these included, "Knives and Forks", "Olives", "Working Elephants", "Fish and Weed", "Egg and Feather", "Sweetpea", "Farmyard" and the ever popular "Love" patterns as well as the old "Cats" and "Dogs in Clover" to name a few.  Not all shapes were available in all designs and more were made in some of the patterns than others.

PLEASE NOTE:  Just editing to add that in January there was a small run of the 1.5 pint birds lithograph jugs.  There were a number distributed to each of the 5 stores - the Fulham shop had at least 20 on display that I counted.  The transfers used were on a sheet so were not individually placed so there were no unique pieces as such.  These jugs were produced again for the Open Days in July as specials for the members to buy.  There were also a few 6 pint jugs made where the transfers were more individually positioned and these are rather more scarce.  None of these specials are part of the standard range and are not readily available from general Bridgewater outlets and whilst they are therefore unusual and relatively hard to find or get hold of and once they're gone, they're gone, the 1.5 pint versions are not particularly rare.



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