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I have recently listed one of these bowls for sale and have been amazed at the negative comments that this has elicited on an Emma Bridgewater thread on Facebook.  People, please remember that these are very public forums and can be read by anyone and can cause offence!

This beautiful French bowl has been issued by Emma Bridgewater in collaboration with and to promote Rachel's Organic Dairy produce (Google for website address) for a limited period of redemption until 31/7/10.  I am guessing that the special packs with tokens may not be around for as long as that.  I believe the offer is open to UK residents only.

The bowls can only be obtained by collecting and redeeming 3 tokens from special packs of yoghurts and rice puddings and paying £5 for P+P whilst those stocks last.  The bowls as firsts, will not be able to be purchased generally from usual EB outlets and therefore have a limited availability - which is how I quite truthfully described it in the listing details.  In the same way that some films go on general release in all cinemas, some will only have a limited release and therefore you are restricted as to where you can see it.  The way to obtain the Rachel's bowls is restricted to a mail-in offer only and so the ability to get hold of one is limited as is the period of time of the offer.

The term "limited availability" should not be confused with "limited edition" which, unless it specifies the number in the run of the limited release, means absolutely nothing at all!!!

Not all of the supermarket chains stock the range and some only the one line like the lovely Greek yoghurt for example so it may take a while to source the products.

My initial reason for listing it was in the hope that I might be able to sell one to offset the costs for all the postage I paid for the other bowls I have ordered.  However, I made all the information clear in the description so that people were aware about how they could get hold of one themselves, which I felt was beneficial to both EB and Rachel's.

I set the price initially at £34.99 and suggested that people made an offer as I really wanted to test the water.  It did not sell so I reduced the price to £29.99 and I have now accepted an offer for £25.  The buyer was fully aware of how they could get one themselves, but didn't mind paying over the odds for the convenience of not having to track down a product which for them, geographically, was a little elusive.

As with all purchases, it is a case of "caveat emptor" and it is up to the buyer to make their choice and investigations as to what they want to spend on an item.  Ebay is a free market and no-one forces anyone to buy anything.

The market eventually decides the "value" of an item and for some people to whom Rachel's products were not easy to obtain like our overseas friends - or indeed those who do not eat dairy products, paying a bit more than the usual price for a French bowl of this shape is reasonable for the efforts that I made to get one as well as the costs to actually buy the product in the first place.  It cost me around £2 for one, large Greek-style yoghurt, of which you needed 3 with the special tokens printed on for the bowl plus P+P.

There is always a great deal of interest when something new or different arrives on eBay and if it sells, it often does so for a higher price than subsequent listings will do.

This is the way that retail/commerce works and I'm sure most people would be tempted to sell an item if they found out that it sold for a large amount - even it it was something obtained from a mail-in offer.

If you as a purchaser believes that something is being sold for too much, it is your right to think that and your prerogative to vote with your purse and not buy.

I am an Emma Bridgewater collector first and foremost and sell off some of my pieces from time to time when I need to prune - or to justify buying more EB!!  My collection is constantly evolving and revolving and is a hobby I have loved for many years.  I pride myself on being utterly honest, factual and fair when it comes to selling and so to find my integrity questioned is rather upsetting.

This offer is now closed and I have heard that EB are in the process or have produced around 50,000 bowls for this promotion - enough for everyone to go around.


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