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Bridgewater have re-produced a limited run especially for the June 2008 sales in a number of designs.  These include, Wild Strawberries, Blackberry, Scattered Roses and a few of the favourite 1/2 pint bird mugs that they still had lithographs for.  

I initially assumed that they were all seconds as they have the letter "s" either transferred, scratched or written on them.  This may have been an economical and clever way of using up second pieces which did not pass quality control at the biscuit stage.  Most of the pieces I have bought for my collection seem to be pretty near damn perfect though so I was confused!

A fellow eBayer has been told that although the new bird mugs have this black "s" mark transferred on them, they are in fact first quality and the letter may indicate "special" (as in special re-run) and would have the letter "s" etched onto the piece with a diamond pen if they were seconds. 

It has been rumoured also, that there were (approximately) only around 300 pieces of each design made, some less, so they have hardly been mass produced on a large scale and are still going to be highly sought after items.  This is likely to be the same with the other re-run patterns.

The re-run items are not featured in the current catalogues or the website and were available only whilst stocks lasted in the Bridgewater shops - not general Bridgewater outlets or stockists and many designs - particularly in the bird range, sold out in days.  I have been contacted by another member and some designs sold out even sooner on day one!

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