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WHAT IS RESTORE AND WHY SHOULD I USE IT?  Every vehicle's engine wears out as a result of friction during normal operation.  This friction causes wear of the cylinder walls which leads to compression loss.  Lost compression results in your engine having less power...it runs poorly and has sluggish acceleration.  It can also cause increased oil burning, exhaust smoking, and poor fuel economy.  RESTORE Engine Restorer and Lubricant is a unique engine additive that repairs those worn-out areas in the cylinder wall thereby restoring cylinder compression and improving engine performance to nearly new original condition.

HOW DOES RESTORE WORK?  RESTORE is the only product containing the proprietary CSL formula.  This technologically advanced formulation has unique properties that actually fill in and seal micro-leaks in the cylinder wall.  The result is increased engine compression and more engine power.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING RESTORE?  By  using RESTORE on a regular basis at every oil change you will keep the compression ratio of all cylinders at near original levels.  You will feel the difference when you drive...your vehicle will have more power, better acceleration and it will run smoother because the compression is balanced across all cylinders.  In addition, if your vehicle is burning oil and smoking because of blow-by, RESTORE's CSL formula can solve that problem too.  We are so confident that you will be happy with the results that we offer a full money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

IS RESTORE GOOD FOR MY ENGINE?  Yes, not only does RESTORE's CSL formula repair worn-out areas in cylinder walls, it is also an EP (Extreme Pressure) lubricant that greatly enhances the lubrication of your vehicle's engine.  This means better engine protection during start-up and heavy loading when normal motor oil film breaks down and allows excessive wear of engine parts.

IS RESTORE COMPATIBLE WITH SYNTHETIC OIL?  Yes, RESTORE may be used with any type of mineral or sythetic oil, as long as it does not contain friction-reducing additives such as Slick50 or Magnatec.

CAN RESTORE BE USED IN DIESEL ENGINES?   Yes, RESTORE can be used in diesel engines.

CAN RESTORE BE USED IN 2 STROKE ENGINES WHERE THE OIL IS MIXED WITH PETROL?  No, RESTORE is not formulated for use in 2 stroke engines using a petroil mixture, but there is a way you can use RESTORE to repair engine wear whilst the vehicle is not in use.  Please contact us for further information.

CAN RESTORE BE USED IN ENGINES WITH TURBO-CHARGERS?  Yes, RESTORE can be used in turbo-charged engines.

Can I use RESTORE in a fuel injection?  Yes, RESTORE is equally effective with a fuel injection engine.

Can I use RESTORE with a multi-fuel vehicle? Yes, RESTORE can be used beneficially in a multi-fuel engine (not 2 stroke).

CAN RESTORE BE USED IN LAWNMOWERS AND TRACTOR ENGINES?  Yes, RESTORE can be used in all 4 stroke engines and 2 stroke engines where the oil is contained in a reservoir separate from the petrol.  When adding RESTORE to small engines such as lawnmowers, add 125ml (half a small can) when changing the oil.  Be careful not to overfill the crankcase as you will need to use less oil to compensate for adding RESTORE.

WHEN SHOULD RESTORE BE ADDED TO THE ENGINE OIL?  For best results, RESTORE should be added when changing the oil & filter.  For even better results, do an engine flush, fit a cheap oil filter to catch all the sludge and then change the oil and filter again, this time using a quality filter, the recommended oil and adding RESTORE.  To avoid overfilling, make sure to reduce the amount of oil that you would normally add by about a pint (500 ml), add RESTORE and then top up using the dipstick to get a correct oil level.  After 1000 miles or 20 hours driving RESTORE will have done its job and you can either leave it in the oil until the next oil change, or if you wish you can change the oil a third time and then add in your normal friction-reducing package.

DO I NEED TO FLUSH MY ENGINE (4 STROKE ENGINES PETROL AND DIESEL) ? For best results, yes. Engines build up sludge over time from the by products of combustion mixed with old burnt oil. If your engine has been poorly maintained, a flush will release all this sludge which will get caught in the oil filter. Change the filter before using Restore. Restore is not a substitute for good regular oil changes and factory recommended oil change intervals and maintenance procedures. However, Restore does contain a mild cleaner (mild flush) which will clean a well maintained engine before the CSL metal particles can do their job at repairing the engine. So it is possible to add RESTORE as a top up, knowing that a well maintained engine will have a minimal amount of sludge and the existing filter will be able to keep up with the sludge. If the filter gets blocked you will see a flickering oil light. Change the filter as often as needed to keep pace with the sludge until Restore can reverse the wear. After 1000 miles, Restore has re-metalized the engine and you can change the oil and filter and go back to using whatever oil package you have been doing. Restore has done it’s job. If there is a still a remaining smoke or compression problem then have your mechanic look for something broken: piston cracked, piston rings broken, burnt valves and worn guides and seals, blocked PCV (pressure control valve controls excess pressure in the crankcase) or EGR (stuck exhaust gas recycling valve will allow the engine to smoke) etc.

How long does restore last?  A noticeable difference in engine performance should be experienced after 500 miles and RESTORE will carry on repairing the engine until the next oil change.  It is recommended to add RESTORE once a year or at each oil change.

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