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This Guide stands to provoke All sellers who are falling short and people who are considering selling.

Selling on ebay can be very exciting especially when you are making some income from it and it can also be very frustrating unless you rise beyond the limit. There are many factors that contributes to failure of which compromising one's potential is a principal contributor. I will explain this as you read on.

I want to emphasize on your ability ,I mean the potential that is on the inside of you. You 'll all agree with me that in the digital world - ebook business for example, there is one common attribute to the ebook business tycoons and which is the ability to create thier very own ebooks which enables them to make thier way in the vast digital market. " Nothing sells better for you than the very work of your hand" which is unique to you.

I want to erase the notion that sometimes rings in the mind of some people , something like ...

" WHAT ELSE CAN I WRITE /CREATE THAT SOMEONE ELSE HAD NOT ALREADY WRITTEN/CREATED". let me use myself as an example, I never thought I could write anything of this nature until I foundly got the courage to put my fingers on the keyboard and began to THINK and type. Note the word highlighted in capital letter, that is all you ever needed, start THINKING ! There will always be inventions as long as people can think because no two people can think exactly 100% the same way so the difference which could be as little as 0.00000000001 will account for the new inventions. I do believe in the saying that " THE ATMOSPHERE IS LARGE ENOUGH FOR BIRDS TO FLY WITHOUT COLLISION" So why think that what you wanted to write was what some else had written and it seems like they stole the idea from you, No STOP ! START Thinking about the difference now and hopefully you should come up with something! REMEMBER YOU GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN YOUR HAND!

Tips :-

A friend once said his brain is at the neck of his pen, so if you feel the same then always hold your pen as any idea may come across and before you forget it quickly take a note of it. This is true , If you 've never learned to hold your pen on paper you might never realise some great stuffs on the inside of you.

Get yourself a sticky note " one that people sticks on their monitor or walls, make sure you never let go of any word or idea that comes your brain, jot it on the sticky note and stick it where you will always see it until you develop something about it. It could be a word like I mention ealier on, REMEMBER THAT WORDS FORMS SENTENCES AND ..SO..TO PAGES (that's the Secret behind writing a book)!

Hope this helps, if so, indicate appropiately below.

I stand to be corrected, if you feel that you have a contribution to the guide please do not hesitate to contact me in the members area, we can learn from each other.



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