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Some Ebay traders are stating that European Wii consoles are inferior because of the build quality or the quality of game play. Please do not be fooled by these people - they are merely trying to make their own products lookbetter than they really are.

Claim: European Wii' consoles are cheaper build quality than UK models.

FACT: All Wiis are made to the same standard in china. The only difference is the plug fitted for the country it is despatched to.

Claim: Europe has potentially unsafe DC electricity and the Wii s are not compatible with UK AC electricity.

FACT: All of Europe including the UK operates at 220v AC. Look at the back of a TV set or any small appliance and you will see. DC current is held only in batteries (like in your Wii-mote). This claim is total rubbish.

Claim: British Wiis are earthed

FACT: All Wiis are double insulated with a plastic cover therefore perfectly safe in any country.

Claim: The European games don't play as well

FACT: PAL is the European and UK standard. PAL games play equally well on all Euro / UK consoles. The other main standard is NSTC which is American and does not play on Euro / UK consoles.

I have worked in the electrical and electronics industry for 20 years in UK, Europe and America. I am not selling European Wii consoles, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy one and play it in the UK. All European consoles (and all electrical goods) come with a standard 2 year warranty unlike the UK's 12 months. Changing the plug does not invalidate the warranty.

Please ensure that you get a competent electrician to change any plugs or check your handiwork before using the appliance.

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