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I would like to give a more balanced view on buying ex police cars on Ebay.

i myself bought one two years ago and have been absolutely delighted with it. some guides are slating buying ex police cars, well i for one would buy again and again, in the two years i've had my Volvo S60 T5 it has never failed me... the only fault was the alternator went, which i replaced and has been consistenly reliable and economical ever since. i have the knowledge that it has been fully serviced - i can appreciate that the daily checks that are supposed to be carried out by the police drivers never happen, but how many times do you check your car before driving?... i can assure you that no service has been missed, that the cam belts have been changed etc.

yes there are things to consider when buying an ex police car, there may be holes in the dash or roof, but to get these repaired is peanuts compared to the saving on similar cars.

yes the cars may have been driven hard, but then how many cars have pootled at around at 40mph that are not ex police cars?

most of the cars driven hard are more than capable to cope - the T5's certainly are!

anyway i hope this balances out the views from some people on here. Like i said i don't sell ex police cars or even ordinary cars - i work in investments (and boy has my T5 paid dividends!) so i'm not writing my guide for my own sake, only to let people know that as with buying any car, have a decent look over (or get a professional to look over) your prospective purchase, ensure that you complete all the checks necessary before making any decision.

But in  my opinion there is absolutely no reason to exclude an ex police car as a prospective purchase. My car certainly isn't 'knackered' like one guide suggests all ex police cars are!!! This view is also supported by several mechanics who agree to the fact it was amazing value for money (and still do!)

hope this helps give a more balanced view

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