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I just received delivery of a Cargo Compact-70 bicycle trailer from eBay seller Design Feha. This is a really superb item, well designed and built to last. It is a lot cheaper than comparable bike trailers I have seen on the internet and will allow me to be able to carry heavy musical instruments by bike to the next town to practise with my band - something which was impossible before with just a rucksack.

I just want other potential buyers to know what a great little item this trailer is. Design Feha also have good communications and, although a little slow at shipping the item out, I'd say that 7-8 days for a large item delivered from Germany is not too bad and it was certainly worth the wait. If you want a bike trailer or one of those bike kiddie-car type trailers/buggies etc then check out Design Feha - you will not be disappointed with the prices or the quality, in my humble opinion.

I just want to make it clear that I have no association with Design Feha - I am just a very happy customer.

UPDATE: After using the trailer for some time I have found that it works much better if you insert a short length of strong, flexible garden or hydraulic hose between the trailer arm and the seatpost mount. This eliminates much of the 'surging' effect and makes cornering feel much better. All you need to do is get a few inches of hose, drill two holes a few inches apart all the way through the hose walls and get an extra quick-release or use a nut and bolt to connect it to the trailer arm, then fix the other end of the hose to the seatpost mount. I'd recommend adding some kind of backup device, like a nylon strap or similar just in case of hose failure although I have carried up to 40 Kilos over 16 mile distances without any problems.

Chris Johnys.

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