Eaglemoss DC Comics Super Hero Collection

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This is the Eaglemoss DC Comics Super Hero Collections . These excellent lead figures (& 12 page colour booklets) are available to subscribers of the 100+ edition partwork released in the UK and  other countries over the last few years. All Figures are Sculpted in lead and handpainted. The DC Super-Hero Figurine Collection won the "Magazine of the Year" award in the Diamond Gem Award 2009 and 2010 The listing will be of use both to collectors wishing looking to fill in those missing numbers in their collection, or to those wanting there favourite Superhero. I have seen People collecting these To make up there favourite Teams..JLA Team titans, I have also seen these Collected To be Repainted as Variants from the Dc Multiverse The Flash Green Lantern  are my Favourite's  There is also a spinoff of this collection the Green Lantern Blackest Night/Brightest Day please check out my other reviews

 I am a Marvel/DC Fan First and  a business owner i sell UK Marvel/DC items in my ebay store  Online Shopping AddictsThe Figures are as follows

Issue 1: Batman
Issue 2: Superman
Issue 3: The Joker
Issue 4: Green Lantern
Issue 5: The Flash
Issue 6: Robin
Issue 7: Green Arrow
Issue 8: Wonder Woman
Issue 9: Catwoman
Issue 10: Ra's Al Ghul
Issue 11: Lex Luthor
Issue 12: Two-Face
Issue 13: Scarecrow
Issue 14: Supergirl
Issue 15: Captain Marvel
Issue 16: Riddler
Issue 17: Starfire
Issue 18: Martian Manhunter
Issue 19: Nightwing
Issue 20: Booster Gold
Issue 21: Raven
Issue 22: Donna Troy
Issue 23: Spectre
Issue 24: Creeper
Issue 25: Deadshot
Issue 26: Penguin
Issue 27: Deathstroke
Issue 28: Sinestro
Issue 29: Black Adam
Issue 30: Captain Cold
Issue 31: Aquaman
Issue 32: Superboy Prime
Issue 33: Hawkman
Issue 34: Blue Beetle
Issue 35: Bizarro
Issue 36: Hitman
Issue 37: Batgirl
Issue 38: Guy Gardner
Issue 39: Brother Blood
Issue 40: Mary Marvel
Issue 41: Golden Age Green Lantern
Issue 42: Cyborg Superman
Issue 43: Poison Ivy
Issue 44: Doctor Light
Issue 45: Harley Quinn
Issue 46: Firestorm
Issue 47: Cyborg
Issue 48: Red Tornado
Issue 49: Beast Boy
Issue 50: Huntress
Issue 51: The Atom
Issue 52: Golden Age Flash
Issue 53: Red Robin
Issue 54: Black Canary
Issue 55: John Stewart
Issue 56: Mister Miracle
Issue 57: Zatanna
Issue 58: Mr. Freeze
Issue 59: Metamorpho
Issue 60: Dr. Fate
Issue 61: Adam Strange
Issue 62: Red Arrow
Issue 63: Hawkgirl
Issue 64: The Question
Issue 65: Brainiac
Issue 66: Black Lightning
Issue 67: Cosmic Boy
Issue 68: Captain Atom
Issue 69: Detective Chimp
Issue 70: Power Girl
Issue 71: Lightning Lad
Issue 72: Plastic Man
Issue 73: Wildcat
Issue 74: Deadman
Issue 75: Steel
Issue 76: Big Barda
Issue 77: Azrael
Issue 78: Saturn Girl
Issue 79: Orion
Issue 80: Mister Terrific
Issue 81: Batwoman
Issue 82: Dr. Mid-Nite
Issue 83: Professor Zoom
Issue 84: Black Manta
Issue 85: Kyle Rayner
Issue 86: Magog
Issue 87: Ambush Bug
Issue 88: Starman
Issue 89: Hush
Issue 90: Blue Devil
Issue 91: Brainiac 5
Issue 92: Blue Beetle
Issue 93: Captain Boomerang
Issue 94: Hourman
Issue 95: Batgirl
Issue 96: Phantom Stranger
Issue 97: Cheetah
Issue 98: Animal Man
Issue 99: Superboy
Issue 100: Ravager

Subscriber Exclusive: Batman on the roof
Special Issue 1: Darkseid
Special Issue 2: Doomsday
Special Issue 3: Bane
Special Issue 4: Killer Croc
Special Issue 5: The Anti-Monitor
Special Issue 6: Gorilla Grodd
Special Issue 7: Batman and the Batcycle
Special Issue 8: Solomon Grundy
Special Issue 9: Centennial Park Superman
Special Issue 10: Etrigan the Demon
Special Issue 11: Lobo
Special Issue 12: Jonah Hex
Special Issue 13: Kilowog
Special Issue 14: Trigon
Special Issue 15: Man-Bat
Special Issue 16: Bat-Mite & Mister Mxyzptlk
Special Issue 17: Clayface

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