Ear Piercings

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In this guide i will describe some ear piercings such as:

  1. Helix

  2. Industrial

  3. Rook

  4. Daith

  5. Tragus

  6. Snug

  7. Conch

  8. Anti-tragus

  9. Lobe


1) The helix piercing is any piercing through the rim of the cartilage. Improper piercing, usually with a piercing gun, can lead to shatter the cartilage. Healing time: 9-12 months.

2) An industrial piercing is two or more pierings connected by a single barbell. In normal usage it refers to an ear piercing whereby two helix piercings are connected by a single barbell. They are also often done vertically or through piercings other than helix. Healing time: 9-12 months.

3) The rook piercing is through the fold of cartilage between the inner and outer conch. Care must be taken with it during healing, as it is easy to contaminate and damage from telephones touching it. Healing time: 9-12 months.

4) The daith piercing passes through the ear's innermost cartilage fold. In most areas this piercing is pronounced day-th although the proper pronounciation is doth. It is meant to mean knowledge since the piercer has to be very clever in order to figure out how to perform this piercing. Healing time: 9-12 months.

5)  Piercings through the tragus, the little nub in front of the ear canal, are a common form of ear piercings. This piercing is not known to have any effect on hearing or facial paralysis or any other urban legends. Healing time: 4-6 weeks.

6) This cartilage piercing passes through the vertical ridge that outlines but does not edge the ear. Technically speaking, this is an anti helix piercing, although snig seems to be the term in most common circulation. An extremely painful piercing described by many people. Healing time: 9-12 months.

7) The inner conch piercing is a piercing through the innermost shell of the ear, next to the ear canal itself. Piercings through the outer shell are called outer conch. People use to dermal punch this piercing immediately to a larger gauge. Significant changes can cause loss of hearing. Proper pronunciation is konk. Healing time: 9-12 months.

8) An anti-tragus piercing is an ear piercing done through the ridge of cartilage immidiately above the earlobe. To many people's surprise, it is also one of the most painful! Healing time: 9-12 months.

9) The typical placement for an earlobe piercing is directly in the center of the lobe and can vary from one earring to multiple earrings. Earlobe piercings other than directly include transverse and vertical lobe piercing. Healing time: 4-6 weeks.

Hope my guide contains a lot of useful information about all the different ear piercings!!

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