Early Bidding

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Have you ever wondered why sellers want you to bid early on their items? Well they obviously want the best price, which is fair enough.  But if you want to make sure you get a bargain, which is why most people buy from Ebay, do not bid early. 

By bidding early, all you are doing is putting the price up.  Whats the point in bidding on something which has 7 days to go?  Ebay allow you to "watch" items, make good use of this and don`t bid until the last minute or so of the auction.  I see it so often and don`t understand why people do it.  The people who let everyone know what their maximum bid is 7 days before the end rarely go on to win, if you really want something, don`t bid early, just watch it till the end and come in late. 

New members should take note of this, its always nice to be the high bidder, but by doing this you are just inflating the cost of the item in question.  Just hold tight and wait, or someone else will just outbid you. 

Make sure you think of this before bidding on anything else.  Thankyou. 

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