Early Rare 1946 Zippo

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The 1946 Zippo, also known as the post war Zippo, has a "Tall" case made of nickel silver (later chrome plated nickel silver), which is 1mm taller than a normal Zippo. The hinge holding the top in place is a 3 barrel type, where the center is wider than the 2 outer barrels. The Zippo marking on the bottom is narrower than that of 1947 onward. It has an insert that is of  nickel silver with a 14 hole chimney and a rounded cam. The flint wheel on the early model is horizontal though the later model will have the modern Diagonal style, this is because Zippo stopped production and spent $300,000 in research to make the flint wheel we have today, they then applied them to the lighters to continue production, making this somewhat a historical Zippo. The chimney is closed, this means that there is more metal to the chimney where is goes around the top of the flint wheel, finally instead of a felt pad holding the wool in (which holds the fuel), there will be a cigarette filter styled padding. 

Although not so well known to all collectors these early ones are very rare and it's possible the later chromed ones are even more rare, it's not everyday you'll find one of these, especially since the non-plated variant were made only until October of 1946, when the wheel was then changed and the casing was chrome plated. The lighter was changed again in very early 1947 where the case was made of brass and the chimney was altered to how it is today. The 47 Zippo's cam was squared off and there was a change to the Zippo logo on the bottom of the case, so the "46" to  very early "47" (first month in or so) are hard to find especially in good-mint condition.

Notes: Its possible the production didn't go into 1947, as there was no real dating system for Zippo's back then, it's hard to know for sure.
The non-plated variant stopped production for a few months until the newer flint wheel was designed, so the plated tall case variant may have been made from left overs.

The overall production run of these tall case Zippos was about 1 year or less.
Type 1 - Non-plated Nickel silver case-Horizontal flint wheel
Type 2 - Chrome plated Nickel silver case-Diagonal flint wheel.
Both - Rounded Cam-14 Hole chimney-3 barrel with wider middle barrel
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