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I would like to write this review to tell of my experiences with this product. I ordered one of these thinking that this would be a quick solution for me to put a lot of Home family videos onto the PC but also then to send them to family across the world. The way in which this was originally being done was a very long winded process and the results were not always appreciated. The beauty about this tool i thought was zap it into the USB and connect the composites or the S Video to your sources and away you go. That is once you have loaded all the software from your disc that comes with the item. Ok now here are the gripes. Ok plug your EasyCAP into the USB and select the video application on your desktop which came on the disc UleadVideo 10. The very first thing your going to notice is when you view the film from your source on the screen of your pc you will note there is no sound? Yes No Sound...
Brilliant picture but no sound. That is because the sound will begin once you start recording. That is rubbish!! Ok so to monitor before you record you will have to put a tick in a small box if you already have this software look on your UleadVideo10 find the blue gear wheel. In there is a mall box USB something???? and another selection below USB. You will see the small box just below so put a tick in there and you will have sound. This is where your problems may begin. You will note that your recorded project will have a number of faults, The very first being SOUND problems you will notice that any speaking parts will sound like a dalek talking back to you. Now if using the composite connectors just pull out from your source the red connector this will right that situation but you will be recording in mono and the sound quality is poor. Be careful going to sites such as youtube and someone showing you a video of how they corrected the sound they will tell you to update drivers and all that stuff when the driver you have already in your pc is ample for this unit. The problem is you see is that they could have made the video using another process or may have added the sound after so it makes it sound that this is an awesome tool. Well it is to a certain fact. Let us say you only wanted to add video or capture something? Video is ok and you can add the sound after. However depending on what you use either AVI or Mpeg you may notice that you will have very slight judders or jumps in the video. For quickness this is a brilliant tool providing you are not looking for perfect sound quality and aim to add sound later. For quality as where sound is concerned it is poor. My advice is if you are looking for a video capture device don't choose this one. A very good choice i have found is the Lifeview Video Capture device which is a PCI device. You will have to remove the cover of your PC and slot this into a spare line on the motherboard. And there is lots of advice on the net how to do that. But the benefits far outstrip this unit. The sofware that comes on the disc is pretty good. And with this software you can create many a home movie without using the dreaded Windows Movie maker. There is so much in this software including Chroma Key. So if you intend to buy one of these and you want perfect sound don't bother. If you want a good video application for other uses it is worth it.
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