Easy-Rider Hip Rider v. Hip Chick Hip Seat

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I bought this item after trying out a Hip Chick Hip Seat at a National Trust property. I was seduced by the Easy Rider's price (cheaper than Hip Seat) and the fact it has a pocket on the outside! The Easy Rider is made of soft cotton which I found easier to put on tightly than the Hip Seat if you have a small waist. The seat about the same size but felt a bit more generously padded on bit which is next to your hip. The quality of the stitching seems to be poorer than the Hip Seat but it does seem durable. The manufacturer claims you could store a nappy on top of the seat if you unzip the pocket it sits in. This is true if you use disposable nappies. The outside pocket is probably a bit of a red-herring as I doubt you can get much in it - certainly not a purse bulging with old receipts, coins and all your cards. The inside pockets, like the Hip Chick Hip Seat, are really just for very slim items such as credit cards. Again, I doubt these will be of much use as once it is on and baby is perched on seat, you wouldn't be able to get them out! All in all, considering the price, I am very please with the Easy Rider Hip Rider. It is lightweight, comfortable, seems suitable for a wide range of waist sizes and, I think, better value than the Hip Seat. However, I think the Hip Seat is probably slightly better made, and I'm told, the stiffer fabric moulds to the main wearer's shape after time. But given the choice, I would stick with Easy Rider. Thanks.
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