Easy removal of light grease stains from clothes

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This is a quick and cheap guide to help remove grease stains from fabric, this will work on light stains only and not heavy spills.

Firstly clean the fabric as you would normally, remove the excess grease from the material and clean it with a fabric cleaner and leave to fully dry, put the stained area flat over an ironing board and cover the stained area with talcum powder (johnsons baby powder is fine).  Using your hands or a wooden spoon work the powder into the stain.

Leave the fabric covered in the powder for 4-6 hours (this gives it time to soak into the grease, longer maybe required for deeper bigger stains)

After 4-6 hours brush off the excess powder and use a cloth brush to gently brush the grease stain, if all has gone well you should now see the stain more prominently as the powder has been absorbed into the grease, continue brushing until there is no sign of any powder left.

Low and beyond the stain has gone with the powder. (if the stain is stubborn, use a cooling iron to iron the powder covered stain, this will warm the grease and make it more absorbant, again work the powder in by hand when the cloth is still warm)



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