Easybeeuk - Tyne & Wear & The Ebay Buyer Guarantee

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Firstly, the seller Easybeeuk is a thief! This seller exploits the loop-holes in the largely 'automated' Ebay shopping experience, to steal when it sees the opportunity. Secondly, the banner pasted over virtually every page of your Ebay buying experience, saying you are "guaranteed" your goods or your money back, is a total crock and the trading standards need to look into this claim! Buyers beware of both Ebay and this seller in certain circumstances, because you will receive nothing from either, and be left on your own totally out of pocket!
Now to explain:
I purchased two replica 'Wonka' chocolate bars from Easybeeuk. Not a large amount of money I grant you, but that's just as well given how things played themselves out. The day after purchasing and paying through Paypal, I received an Ebay 'MC999' standard automated letter stating that it had deleted my auction with the buyer because of 'Copyright Infringement'. My first reaction was to attempt to contact the seller immediately to discuss the issue. This is where Ebay's 'loop-holes' immediately start effecting the innocent buyer adversely! In deleting the auction, it is wiped from the Ebay's trading pages, and thus your item number does not allow you to gain access to the seller contact details, and /or find any of the seller's other auctions to gain access to them that way, because comes up as invaild. Most troubling, was I found that the deleted item number is not recognised by the so-called 'guarantee' of the Resolution Center, thus no claim can be started, unless you access 'Live Chat' support, and explain this issue to a member of staff. Only at this access point can a claim be opened for a deleted auction!
Immediately the claim was started, the seller responded stating that the auction was deleted in error, they had the only legitimate trade agreement to sell the replica chocolate, Ebay had realised this error, and thus had allowed them to continue selling the bars of chocolate again (which they are openly doing as I type!). I was told categorically that my bars had been posted to me the day before, and it was all a misunderstanding. At this point I made a huge error....and took the seller at their word and closed the claim in the Resolution Center. Hindsight is a gem, but I warning anyone NOT to do this regardless of the protestations of the seller unless your goods are in your hands, and this is why.....
.....In the days since, the seller has not supplied  me a thing in two weeks. Also, other buyers have left negative feedback saying their bars of chocolate haven't arrived either!! I used a new and currently existing auction for the same item, twice, to contact them, plus the sellers email address from the Paypal receipt, all with no reply. Finally I called the telephone number on the said same receipt, and low and behold, wouldn't you know it, the number was totally invalid........which is a significant breach of Ebay's seller policy.
Now, about this 'Guarantee' promoted everywhere by the bespectacled smiling 'Tony' from Ebay!?
Well, I got back to 'Live Chat' support, and explained the seller had lied, discussed the specific problems Ebay had caused me because of the defective parts of the automated system relating to them deleting auctions when they feel like it, and I was told the matter would be passed to their 'Buyer Protection' team and they would 'handle it' !? Of course, they did no such thing!! The standard-bog-standard, almost indolently scripted reply, lamely apologised but said they (Buyer Protection) couldn't help me in any way! Not one option was open to me, even though their deleting an auction in 'error' (I assume it must be an error for the seller to be still be trading the same item again!?) excluded me from talking the seller directly, obtaining any contact details, nor would they allow me to open a new Resolution Claim, yet finally seems to "Guarantee" to do absolutely nothing on your behalf to open these closed avenues, assist in getting a valid telephone number, found out where your item is, and finally make any attempt at a refund, even though they will receive a fee from the seller, for deleted the auction, thereby being given a percentage of stolen money!? Now, in legal terms that is 'aiding and abetting' a thief!!?
That's what Ebay's buyer guarantee should read - 'We Guarantee to do absolutely nothing to assist you if you are affected by the seller not responding, and stealing your money when it was our error that caused you that financial loss and inconvenience by us deleting the auction in the first place!' No wonder bespectacled 'Tony' looks so smug.....what a right little 'earner' that scenario is for them!? Randomly delete auctions without due care and attention, leave the buyer high and dry, and then both take a cut out of the 'earnings' !?
Remember, if this was an item bought for a few hundred pounds, you would be really screaming!!!?....With no hope at all, let alone a lame 'Guarantee'!! But they are wroking on the basis you wouldn't hit a man with glasses!?
So buyers beware, not only of these sellers.....(especially this one Easybeeuk), but, more importantly (as you can see), in certain circumstances there is absolutely no truth to Ebay's 'guarantee' to the buyer whatsoever. You're on your own!!

Thanks for taking the time to read!....Hope it helps!!
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