Ebay Conman

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        A warning, I have come across a seller that assumes many names but all similar. His name is AndyHudds, please avoid this seller at all costs as he is a conman, I bought a PS1 package from him, he communicated as most sellers do, informing me he had been away working for a few days and that he would send me the package the following day. It never arrived and I lost £15.
        I also received a message from another Ebayer who bought a Guitar from a similar named AndyHudds, he/she paid over £100 and lost it all. He seems to sell a few items legitimately to build up a few positive feedback points, then the con starts. If you come across this person, please be very careful, I'd hate for him to get rich off decent buyers. If your name is also Andy Hudds I apologise as I know from searching the name there are many listed.

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