Ebay Disputes, PayPal Disputes, No Returns, No Refunds

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I find Ebay & PayPal to be very poor with their services towards Disputes between sellers & buyers. Ebay has a dispute panel in which you and the other party can dispute between yourselfs. At then end of the dispute you basically argue your head off with the other member then have a choice between:

  • We have Mutally Agreed to cancel this transaction
  • I feel I have no choice but to end this transaction
  • There is another one aswell which I can remember but it's not any help

At then end there is no solution. Ebay basically will refund you back the small fee in which they take from you of 5.24% depending on the item and the start price. I find this appauling. I am trying to get as many people to agree with me so that I can take this review to ebay and show them that there is a large amount of us who would like this to be changed so that there is less ripping off going on, on ebay.

Example... I have had someone buy an item from me they claim they have not recieved there item. I have sent the item threw normal post second class royal mail. which is  not recorded delivery clearly. The person claims they never recieved the item opens a dispute and they get away with it... Or they go threw paypal get their money back what can you do...I think something needs to be done to protect sellers and also buyers from fraud over ebay & paypal....

More so sellers as when I think about it which I am not that low how easy is it to buy something and have a low mentality to say that you never recieved and then go claim your money back have the time you'll get half your money back or a full refund as the seller would rather not have the neg feedback.

I find the system to be very backwards...Where are your seller rights as a seller if you state no returns or no refunds...whats the point in giving sellers this option when they over ride it...Shouldnt in dispute cases it be looked at what the sellers terms and conditions were as the buyer must have read them before purchasing....I honestly think SERIOUS sellers anyway if they have a terms and conditions that on disputes these should be taken into account and thrown back at the buyer......Or seller if they are not keeping to their side of what they have offered as a serivous

I am thinking of giving up on international buyers I have more problems then I can count on my toes with these buyers...Its unreal and have the time I feel I have to take bribing as I can do with out the neg feedback..

The paypal disputes are the worset!!!! If you type in google    " Reports on Paypal Disputes"  You will see the high amount of people who have been ripped off by paypal for thousands of pounds/Dollars etc... threw disputes Frozen accounts...

I have only had on bad experience with paypal which was...someone opened a dispute on me. Paypal then froze my account stopped any out going payments froze £985 of my money which was also needed to purchase an item for a customer... I couldnt pay for any of my items that I had bought from ebay which lucky the sellers were understand buy again an easy way to gain a coulple of neg feedback as there is some unreasonable sellers out there... So after they froze my account they took 2months to unfreeze it as the complainer kept taking their time to repond....In the end I had to refund this person their money as I just wanted my account back and paypal didnt seem to know what they were doing...On top there was alway a new representive dealing with case via EMAIL who never seemed to know what was going on and kept asking the same questions over and over again .... I feel this happens alot on ebay and paypal and the non- response and seriousness of fraud and trickery on ebay and paypal is over looked.....

I think a more stricker ebay dispute needs to be open on ebay and paypal to allow the right act towards buyer or seller to be done.

If you agree with anything  I am saying please tick YES as the more people I get I am going to ebay with this as i think they need to change things on ebay for the better

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