Ebay Feedback For Sellers Made Simple

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Most experienced selles will know, but this is just a quick guide for new sellers trying to find there feet and the best way to run there feedback when selling more than just the odd item.

Firstly it is important that you download at very least the seller manger software as this as loads of benifits and is free, it will hook up your pay pal payments to your ebay account and put your purchases in to different groups. Awaiting payment, paid and awaiting desptch this will also have a direct link to the original pay pal payment for easy access should you need to amend or refund the payment. There are also many other functions such as reminders claiming back fees in bulk, setting up your shop and easy access to all your ebay tools too many to list.

For the more advance seller you need seller manager pro this as more added benifits and is just £4.99 a month. Automated feedback: most volume sellers use this as it makes sense to free up your time on running your ebay business than having to respond to every feedback left by a customer. Go to my preferences then on your feedback settings there are a few settings for example. You can send feedback reminder emails to your customers after a set period of time so that this will increase the amount of feedback left by your customers. You can set your feedback to automatically leave feedback for your buyers, again you have choices you can either set it to leave feedback as soon as they have paid or leave feedback for those who have left you positive feedback.

There is a bit of a moral issue here some sellers say that the buyer have done there bit once they have paid for the item so they should get feedback straight away. I personally have to disagree with this and have mine set at leave feedback once a positive feedback as been left for me. Why? well every now and again you will get the customer that wants the world and even when you bend over backwards to do everything within your means to keep them happy and they still leave you a neg. there is also the odd idiot who does not seem to know how to pay and will leave you a neg without paying so for this reason i still have the option to neg someone back that has negged me for no reason, This of course should be used correctly and you should not respond to a neg that was a fair neg with a neg or without having very good reason.

Once i have returned a negative feedback for a customer who as left me one unfairly i will them email them asking if they would now like to re-consider the feedback that was left as it was very unfair and in doing so that there negative feedback will also be removed from there account to. Again it is very important that you do have a moral standing as ebay will not take to kindly to blackmail, but if you have just cause to respond with a neg then it is fair play to try to resolve the problem and ask for the feedback to be removed. If they agree to this then you click on the feedback forum button on the bottom of the page and look for the link feedback disputes, this will then take you to a link called mutual feedback withdrawal. You will need the item number of the product purchased, it will then show feedback left for this product and you can send a mutual request to the buyer this way.


this is very important and easy with the seller manager because if you get the odd customer which volume sellers do that buys an item does not pay and then leaves a neg, well once you have gone through the reminder system and claimed back your fees for an unsold item there feedback is automatically removed from off your profile and rightly so, they do not have any rights to leave a response about a service that they have not even paid for. As with any form of feedback it is always best to try your best to resolve any problems with the buyer this can offten prevent negs in the first place.

The most anoying things for buyers are sellers who do not respond quickly to questions, slow posting and rude responses to there emails. BITE YOUR LIP i know that the customer is NOT always right but some often think they are, by being very nice in your replies even to rude emails just stating the facts they can often suprise you with a return email offering you an apology from the buyer. This is because they sometimes do jump to conclusions before getting the facts but once this is done in a nice manner then you will find that more often than not they are just humans like you and me.

On a final note You can contact ebay to remove certain types of feedback without having to go through any other process under certain circumstances. These are if the customer leaves personal information or abusive language.

I am aiming this review mainly at the beginner as i know most sellers who have been around a bit will know the ins and outs of feedback, i hope it is of some use and would ask you to be kind enough to vote by using the i found this reveiw helpful button.


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