Ebay Feedback system - A Sellers Nightmare

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I  have to say I totally agree that the new system of feedback is unfair.

As a buyer I know the old system had to be changed somehow, I have left negative feedback for a seller, then received a malicoous one back. Well ok it was my only negative but most ebayers would look at both feedbacks and know who was in the right, don't forget other customers leave feedback too, just look at the rest, so it did't bother me cause I knew I was being honest and had helped other ebayers not to be duped.

I have to say there are some customers and sellers out there who are unscrupilous, and who's to say a competitor won't leave you negative feedback, knowing you can't leave them a negative feedback. However, remember sellers, just because it is not counted as a negative feedback, this doesn't mean you cannot be honest in what you say about the customer....does it!

The thing is I think sellers should be given the opportunity to give other sellers on ebay info on really bad customers,fraudulant customers ect,  who we would rather do without and can block in advance. I think just like there is a star rating on sellers, we should have a system that allows sellers to be able to leave negative feedback for buyers, if the buyer is unhappy about the negative as the seller may be unhappy about a negative, they send coppies of all information/communication, or other e-mails sent through the ebay mail system to ebay to decide what to do. 

I also think that there should be a star rating that the buyer can leave for the seller at a later date or immediatley after the seller has left feedback, and annomislously, so everyone can see a sellers   'after sales service',   'Recommended Seller'

Sellers should be able to leave negative feedback for buyers(only if necessary):- If sellers leave too many negatives, then the seller should be looked at through ebay and the customers contacted to find out whther these negatives were necessary. If this is an unscrupulous seller, the seller should be removed from ebay.  

Plus a star rating (just like buyers leave for sellers) But this time a star rating that the seller can leave for the customer.




To Stop customers blackmailing sellers, which this new system will give them the opportunity to do, and to stop sellers from blackmailing customers with a negative feedback, that the old system allowed them to do,  why not try the above and the following step.

After the seller leaves a feedback (even if the customer has already left theirs) an e-mail from ebay should be sent to the customer through ebay mailing system so ask star rating out of 5

 AFTER SALES SERVICE . This would be shown as all the other stars are shown against the sellers details, but of course this is done after the seller has made their comment and leaves the customer with the last word


Well it is just an idea, it has to better then the current system because I know many people who are choosing not to sell through ebay because the increase in listings prices( come on ebay you must be making millions by now worldwide, do we really need to add to the inflation which is going to be the downfall of the economy), plus they are leaving ebay for the very reason of writing this guide, because the feedback system is just not fair now. 

THIS NEW SYSTEM could be the downfall of ebay. Sorry guys but I think you have to re-think the idea of the feedback system or just scrap the feedback system, and if there is a problem with trading as there is on any website or shop, people go to trading services with their problem and take them to court.

EBAY, could try the above suggestion and send a  survey to sellers and buyers if you like watchdog, and see what the feedback of that survey is........ try it ....... you could retain your customers, and rid ebay of dodgy sellers and dodgy customers too.





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