Ebay - Hot Tips! --- Have a look & increase your sales!

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Whether your using Ebay as a regular business, just clearing out your clutter or even as a hobby, here are some hot tips that will help you maximise your profits and increase your page views!!

1) Quick Check - Before you list your item, do a quick check to look for items similar to yours. Why? You can view completed items under the display heading, and sort by end price. Then, scrutinize the listings with high end prices to see how they did it, pick up techniques and tips from this and in turn do well yourself. (You can even look at existing listings to see which ones are doing well).

2) Pricing - If you are using a buy it now price, set it at a price that you think it is realisticly worth and what you would be happy to recieve, but do not get too greedy and put an extremely high price, this will put buyers off immediately! Raise it for popular items though. I recommend setting a starting price somewhere between £0.99 and about half your buy it now price, this encourages bids but as they add up someone could sneak in with the sought after Buy It Now price!

3) Don't hold back - I would only use a reserve price if it is a highly valued or rare item and you are starting with a low price. Too often I have been put off by what is a seemingly high reserve price, but if you allow the bids then it can soon rack up a high price. So only use reserves on highly valued items

4) Spelling - It may sound simple but make sure, double and triple check! If your spelling is incorrect then people wont be able to find your listing, and that means people wont bid! If someone happens to stumble accross it they will win it and you will lose out big time! There are even tools and websites that hunt down items with spelling mistakes and capitalize on their mistakes. Be careful...

5) Title - Don't waste title space with words like 'LOOK @@@', nobody will search for this and it is therefore a waste of space. Alternatively, use descriptive words or words people might search for. For example if I was selling a pair of shorts, key words like the colour, size, condition, style, make/brand could be used.

6) Allowed to bid - Don't exclude bidders based on their amount of feedback, everyone has to start somewhere. I have regularly sold to bidders with lower than 5 feedback, with no problems and they have almost doubled my price! So you could cover yourself by stating something along the lines of...'bidders under 10 feedback score, please confirm your paypal account/address with me before bidding to ensure a safe transaction'. Therefore you are allowing more bidders and seeming proffessional, whilst ensuring that they have a payment method set up in advance.

7) Ending it - Be careful accepting offers to Buy It Now when you don't have one. Too many times I have agreed to sell at a set price and ended the item or incurred costs to add a Buy It Now price, then the buyer has decided they no longer want it. If you don't have a Buy It Now price already then I suggest you leave it that way and leave them to bid.

8) Feedback - A little goes a long way, do your best to maintain 100% feedback even if it means making a little sacrifice now and again. For many buyers, including myself, the first thing I even look at on a listing is the sellers feedback! So keep good communication and respond to all buyer requests the best you can


I hope this was helpful to you :)

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